What are the 3 critical ingredients that Malaysian SMEs need to ensure long-term business growth?

As a Malaysian SME, you are looking forward to go back to normal profitability and ensure your long-term business survival. But the pandemic has disrupted the way people live, work and do business. What worked in the past may not work for the future.

So the question now is “How to grow your business in today’s challenging environment?”

For that, you need to have the 3 critical ingredients that all large corporations apply to stay successful and even continue growing no matter what the market conditions:

  1. Compelling content marketing
  2. Strong digital branding, and
  3. High performance work culture

Introducing the BUSINESS GROWTH MATRIX, the business training that helps you learn these 3 key ingredients that all large corporations use to help their business grow and succeed consistently.

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Digital Branding
  3. Building A Winning Team
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Imagine if you could apply these 3 critical ingredients from large corporations into your company – would you be able to achieve more success, more stability, and more resilience in your business?

You might be thinking, “Yes, I understand that these are important to grow my business, but for an SME owner like me, how likely will I be able to do that with a small budget and limited resources?”

You may also think, “Yes, I understand the need but it’s not easy for me to do it with my present workload to keep my business running taking up all my time and energy.”

You might even be thinking, “I’ve already doing these things before and it didn’t work.”

But what if you could grow your revenue and have a highly motivated workforce, by applying the techniques and processes used by big businesses – without the high costs?

This is what the BUSINESS GROWTH MATRIX PROGRAMME is all about

You might have this question in your mind right now, “What makes BUSINESS GROWTH MATRIX PROGRAMME different from all the other SME business training programmes out there?”

Practice What Successful Brand Does

First, this training programme is originally designed for large corporations. So you will be learning the same techniques and processes that large corporations use to achieve consistent success and growth.

We understand SME

The second difference, is that we are a Malaysian SME too! We understand what SMEs are going through and we want to support Malaysian SMEs. That’s why we are offering Malaysian SMEs this corporate level training programme – so that you can build for growth on a solid foundation.

We Practice What We Preach

Thirdly, we are more than just trainers, we are proven digital marketing practitioners, consultants and business success coaches. So our BUSINESS GROWTH MATRIX is developed out of our personal insights and experiences of what really works.

Our Trainers

Lai Chee Seng

Writer, Trainer & Coach

Specialises in Content Writing & Thought Leadership Marketing


As a content writing trainer, Chee Seng not only teaches tools and techniques. He typically spends at least 50% of the training time working on the mindset of content creation. He rolls back the curtains to reveal WHY writing techniques and strategies work, based on psychology, research, and his own experiences. Participants can apply these insights to write more confidently in any context and to raise their influence and impact on any audience.


As a Thought Leadership coach, Chee Seng’s focus is on helping external and internal thought leaders find their purpose, define their vision, and enlarge their circle of influence, so that they can have true significance and lasting impact among their stakeholders.

Yong Shen Feng

Consultant & Trainer

Specialises in Digital Marketing & Branding


Passionate about all things digital, Shen Feng is an entrepreneur and digital strategist, helping brands to develop digital and branding strategies as well as to build web and mobile applications.


He founded a tech start-up “JIOness” in 2015, a mobile app that promotes the happiness of eating together. He then established Triobits Venture in 2017, a digital agency that aims to craft memorable online experiences for clients around the world, covering responsive website design, software & app development, SEO, social media, branding & identity, e-commerce and more. Recently, Shen Feng also founded “Digital X Branding”, a 3-day programme to guide SMEs in building their brand in the digital space.

Cheah Kar Fei

International Speaker, Trainer & Coach

Specialises in Organisational Culture, Leadership & Communications


KarFei is an in demand and trusted coach known for his engaging and thought-provoking style, having spent more than 10 years working with corporate clients across sectors and individuals. He is also a highly sought-after presenter, having been invited to speak at TEDx events and global conferences in more than 15 countries.


With his vast experience, KarFei founded Life Redesigned, a coaching team that aims to develop young people in the global workforce. In addition, he is also an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only membership for global business coaches, as well as the Global Shapers Community by the World Economic Forum to contribute towards community development across the world.

As a Malaysian SME ourselves, we can understand the frustrations that Malaysian SMEs have about training programmes. As practitioners and trainers, we realize that there is so much information and training out there leaves out the most important element: the mindset behind the tools.

Without learning the right mindset to go with the skillsets, it will be difficult for Malaysian SMEs to effectively apply what they have learned in training programmes.

That’s why mindset development is a key part of the BUSINESS GROWTH MATRIX PROGRAMME. We can share the mindset of how to succeed using these tools because we have achieved real-life success in our respective fields.

For a limited time, we are offering the BUSINESS GROWTH MATRIX PROGRAMME to Malaysian SMEs who want to recover and grow their business again.


  • Techniques for creating attention-grabbing content, based on science and research
  • The right way to build a community of loyal fans and customers with digital branding
  • Strategies to develop a motivated and high-performance team

The pandemic has forced organisations to transform faster than before. Those who can’t make the change will be left behind, not only in external functions like sales and marketing but also internal issues such as talent recruitment, management and retention.

That’s why we cover all of this in our BUSINESS GROWTH MATRIX.


As a journalist with 15 years of experience, I thought I knew all the tricks of the trade, but Chee-Seng’s webinar shook me to the core. His one-hour webinar was a masterclass that I needed, and one that most writers in the new normal will definitely benefit from

Alexandra Wong, Content Creator / Malaysia

I attended Chee Seng’s Masterclass on how to create viral content! He provided really insightful thoughts and tips on how we can engage our audiences with our content and he was really knowledgeable in the area of content creation! Highly recommend all to attend his Masterclasses!

Michelle Tan, Community and Partnerships Specialist / Singapore

My messages on parenting and teaching are read by thousands! I get really high engagement rates. All because Chee Seng taught me to write and brand myself well.

Phang Chui Kean, Parenting and Teachers' Trainer / Malaysia


Who is this for?

Maybe you’re ready to give up on training programmes because you have not been able to improve your company results. Or maybe you feel like you don’t have the time and resources.

But let’s be frank. If you’ve read up to this point, you probably think that there’s still a chance that BUSINESS GROWTH MATRIX PROGRAMME might work for you.

When all is said and done, our guess is that what you really want is

  • to lead your business back to profitability,
  • build for future growth and resilience, and
  • have a team of motivated employees who can support your goals

If this is you, BUSINESS GROWTH MATRIX PROGRAMME is right for you.

Previously, we only offered this course to corporations, but now we want to help our fellow Malaysian SMEs succeed using the same principles and techniques as large companies.

If you want to learn business growth principles that work and develop a strong work culture in your company for long-term success, then sign up for the BUSINESS GROWTH MATRIX PROGRAMME today.

In this programme, we will teach you the same things that work for corporations:

  • Learn case studies of how companies have succeeded using principles that work
  • Get tools and templates that you can use for your own business growth efforts and most importantly
  • Learn how to develop the workplace culture and mindset that makes your company a long-term success

This 3-days BUSINESS GROWTH MATRIX PROGRAMME is worth RM1,299 but we are now offering it to Malaysian SMEs at ONLY RM799.

This is an exclusive offer only available for Malaysian SMEs because we want to help you recover and grow your business.

And there’s more!

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